SongADay One

Lottery Stubs
2:54 i can't stop thinking of you.
She's A Witch
2:24 violence towards the children, a level of pressure. meaningless/ful conversation, some new medication.
Gilded Cage
4:55 so afraid to love something new, but your stomachs cut up from digging out your own jewels. if that's the way you found, then i hope it keeps you warm. the world is perfect/life is cruel.
Any Three Things
3:00 sooner or later we'll jump into headlights, but for now - leave it alone. don't go, i'll believe any three things that you say right now, don't go. we're in this together.
My Favorite T-Shirt
2:00 i saw you on the street last night, you were wearing my favorite tshirt. you were right not to smile, i guess.
Why Do They Leave?
4:06 written by Ryan Adams.
Angel From Montgomery
4:05 written by John Prine.
Swords and Violins
4:07 we're what women wanted, but now we're hacked to pieces, half-asleep through sunday. we went too far, christ moved towards the car. you kept up a meaningless chatter, of swords and violins.
Unusual Morning
2:51 once you've been around the block a few times, it's time.
was i hoping too much?
3:30 my hands are bruised, again.
Very Sad Sunshine
4:01 how long can you smile? why would it be a race? always in a circle, it's perfect. she wrenches away, then stares back at me beautifully - i'm a very sad sunshine, all washed up.
Don't Sweat It
2:28 mary haunts the cowboys who robbed the angel train
2:47 life is all a confrontation
things should be in the open
3:15 stand up on your toes and scream it to the sky - that you fell in love with choices and you're not afraid to die
2:57 i finally woke up, and found this I.O.U. in my pocket.
Back to Battery
3:02 we're all looking for ways to get back to kansas, we could all use a drink. who could have the stomach for this kind of thing? his chest wound in barbed wire, i've seen the scars.
Doctor Alexander
2:28 did you hear? no one goes near that house anymore, just leave your letter on the porch.
A Great Big Opportunity
3:24 if the ways we have to hate start seeming strange, just give 'em new names, i'm going to war for the dress you wear, the secrets you share.
Suicide Is Painless
2:49 loudon wainright, at least, thanks.
Get Off The Label
3:57 my heart is really itchy today, this type of dragon can't be slain. this pining, this waiting, this element is fading, are you awake? are you okay? i ripped up all my journals, just like a teenage girl would, i could't trust my memories. do you even remember what the captain said to the colonel? "yes, yes i have been wincing sir" - you led the birds right to me.
Pin You To The Sky
2:57 talk about the love between our best friends, la la la la la de da. i sing you lies to pin you to the sky, i'm glad you noticed, i understate, i'm overloaded. but is the breath in our hands the warm thrill we had planned? 'cause if so, i think we can do better. the winston brigby boys are gonna get her. i'm impressed you came by, unless the candle was all you really wanted.
Stay Wild
2:42 you can't take turns with her, but we all took our turn with you. it's a genuine relapse, a trap. some kids have all the bad luck, born and raised in self destruct. i'm not too old to be dangerous, pass the knife i'll scrape off the rust. the deer hum softly: stay wild
i was so turned on
3:51 i'm so true the abstract is my natural habitat. if you see to beleive, take a look at these, a handful from azazel, to mc pseudonym - look at him - completely at war with the score keeper of eternity. i'm taking off, i'm a spinning top. look at your knees, i was so turned on. i got a room for that stuff in back. as many walls as ways to attack.
Forces of Lonely
2:53 happy anniversary
Heidi in her military coat.
4:12 selection eight, navajo peyote song.
Music Editor Blues
3:15 why is everybody always hating on the music editor? i open the mercury every week, there's at least one letter. fire adam gnade. fire zac pennington, maybe julianne shepard'll come back.
Inside Out
2:55 may all your sleepless nights be because of starry skies, out on the open sea knowing it'll all dry up eventually, their jaws'll drop, they'll stop with wonder at our new found ways.
One Hundred Flowers
2:53 your problems are not like mine - one hundred flowers, blooming at the same time
so this is an island?
1:47 all the oaths you swore, i'd need advice (automatic for the people) another victim, speech is lethal. i'm glad i made someone cry, the words i wrote, the things i tried. i can't wait to turn you down.
Try Not To
2:26 Mary Heart Jesus
Bluebird Liquor
3:53 a song for 'Said the Gramophone' mp3 blog - lyrics by a whole bunch of people.
Backdoor to Heaven
1:18 originally by the Sons of Jar'el, performed here by the New Mexican Revolution
Awake & Adream
1:18 it's even smaller than it seems: the space between awake and adream, the truth speaks in your sleep. i still believe your lies set you free - enabled you to be what we came to see, as you burned yourself clean. but between you and me, the waves kicked up (a tempest), a kraken born lipless and your refugees all raced to the shorlines, just hoping, one more time, you'll give us a sign.
Cross Country
2:55 half-starved and you make me sick rode around the woods for kicks. no no no no no no, you gotta act in the show.
4:27 you give yourself away, with everything you sing and say, what we all dream. swallowed by the earth, you wake up clean. while the whole world trembles, your voice is clear. you've got big plans, rain in a jar, a stain on your hands from exploding stars, open it up, we've all had enough.
Waiting for the Doctor
3:24 dot dot dot dash dot
A Bridge Is Wanting
2:38 "haven't you had enough?" "christ, look at this kid." can you believe what the captain did? yes, i have been wincing. "you put on quite a show." the reason we are all here tonight.
King of the World
3:24 so imagine my surprise when the angel came to apologize and though there were tears in his eyes, i couldn't help but feel a little sad. it's an ecstasy of fumbling, and it all came tumbling down.
You Said It Better
2:55 happy valentines day
Influence of Ages
2:44 it's a cardboard aeroplane and we're jumping off the roof.
Little Sadistic Waltz
3:28 lyrics by Erik Becker!
For Plants
3:28 this is a piece for Plants.
You Hit Your Head
2:07 a happy ending to a sensible day
Pink Elephants on Parade
3:03 Disney! Dumbo! Elephants!
the Ocean Will Sing
2:54 we finally got him
Phone Call Rockets
4:49 this is how it all got started, it seems awkward now - but we were so open hearted.
the Whole Plane
4:18 muster up the strength to say i'm taking on the whole plane.
Not Yet
2:01 i tried to say something bad about you to see if i could.
For Our Best Friends
4:13 in a moment we're nothing/i like to think of that often/when we played shows for our best friends/and in that moment we're nothing/men are wild not wicked
4:28 after starting the oven, she took off her earrings and slipped off her shoes. i know enough to stay quiet. i'm never gonna say.
Death of Spain
3:43 i rely on the magnetic fields, like a loose fur cat. i'm gonna form a band that everybody loves, it won't even rain without us. sign him up, tonight, how much time do we have left? it's the death of spain. my heart hums blue.
Going Down
3:00 people waiting for you, he knows what its all about
Other Country
3:58 so you wanna hear again, about ol' eli mcphay? took himself a wife out there, or so they say. she wasn't the human kind - but eli didn't seem to mind. now their monsters roam the pines.
We Don't Want
3:03 no one wants to say goodbye to their promises, but no one wants to keep them
Saint Patrick's Day
2:17 this is almost a traditional irish tin whistle tune.
Her Majesty
1:00 this song is by the Beatles, a pop group from England.
Fuck the NW Fest
2:52 do the Binary Dolls need a bass player?
Flowers Lonely Girl
4:14 lyrics by Colin! piano by Emily!
Goddamned Man
3:13 I'm a goddamned man!
Baby Shakes
3:57 Barbara, Celarent, Dari-i - thanks jacob!
Your Problems
3:43 all your problems swallowed by the ocean - for it's own joy
2:12 goodbye goodbye to the telluride mine/i hear there is gold up in Bailey or Pine/ya hey ya hey i feel good about this time/i'm gonna dig for what is mine
Cossons, Colorado
2:49 what do you name a place after everyone has gone away?
4:49 based on the book Warlock by Oakley Hall. thanks Morgan!
Finally You Get It
3:06 the priveledged can challenge a host of heavens, beat the sparrows six times out of seven, and when they take flight no fear shows in their eyes, lurching to the sky in search of something real.
One Foot
3:13 we should lay our hearts on top of all the secrets we keep locked, no one else will get to know the love we're clutching. when we meet our eyes don't see that if we bought our misery from each other we might have a new thing. waking up a week from now we find ourselves wondering how in the trade-off we ended up losing.
2:34 punch the sky right open
Having Teeth Is A Torture
4:29 wrong bird song for us - have the missus celebrate the sunlight - my head: like a temple that woke up
Shark Around The Waters
2:09 a folk tune inspired by the eight year old mind of Colin McCrudden.
3:17 all the little things, that you want to hide, will come bubbling, as you sleep at night
Fill Up The Parking Lots
4:29 we are all undiscovered prophets, lying cold in our coffins. children, keep your fist up, we are all immortal, as long as we stay pissed off.
Waiting For Me
3:25 all that time i was looking for loving, it was at home waiting for me. how much time have i just wasted, traipsing through these city streets? all that time i was looking for something, even though i didn't need. how much more could we accomplish if we gave in and just got married?
Make It Better
4:18 in all the world they've ever seen before, they made it harder than it needs to be
3:24 i thought the basement would be fun to explore. better watch out: the rabbits adore.
4:36 i know your motion, but not your place. i know your place, but not your motion.
On The Road
5:08 there's no joy, at the airport, anymore. you left a soft blue message.
City Signs
3:36 "Hey, are you going to that party tonight? What party? City Sign Building, uh, City Signs. City Signs? That place is hip, let's go!"
Please Plant This Song
2:21 a song for Richard Brautigan
Amy and Mary
1:46 Amy has a tiny hole in her heart, she was born with it. Love just goes to waste. Mary has a thing with sniffing glue, she's got it everywhere. Mary shared and healed her heart, now their lives entwine and twinkle with the stars.
Plastic Leviathan
3:52 a bedrock of winners & losers saying "lets get high again"
Just Stay Gone
2:48 in the pines at the end of the road, we can go and get high. if you're leaving that's fine, just stay gone.
2:51 there is no mountain, then there is
My Favorite Daughter
3:24 * * * * * * * * * * * * *
The Cheer
:20 * * Merry Christmas * *
All Of This Is For You
2:01 * * * Leah B. Green * *
Mystery of a Girl
2:19 * * * * * * * * Love, * *
Dry Hands
2:58 * * * Aaron & Emily * *
Leah B. Green
:50 * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Portland Ukelele
3:43 i know just what to do - we should go to the Tube. or maybe to Dunes. mason & dixon. hanging out at the Slow Bar.
Free From the Wires
2:49 lets lift the life from osiris, i want us to survive this. i fall from the top of a building, but we'll both come crashing and reeling. i get drunk and start fires, to burn us loose of the wires.
Exploded Against Me
2:22 This ringing sensation in my head means last night must have exploded against me. Is that applause? Sounds more like a fire.
2:56 It's not darkness that owns the night, it's the secrets we hide inside. I haven't been home in 9 years.
Falling Apart
2:56 we've all got flaws. everybody's falling apart.
2:29 this is my birthday song! it doesn't last too long, hey!
In The Snow
2:48 this could change our lives. i have a goal.
Arrows of Apollo
2:06 when the birds start to follow you around, be glad for the arrows of apollo to shoot them down. without them, you'd stumble and fall, the sunlight supplies crutches for us all.
Too Much Sunlight
2:48 with our eyes open wide/we're standing outside/with our mouths hanging open/from disbelief and surprise/we brought them all out of hiding.
Straight Up
3:41 Paula Abdul used to be a dancer, then a singer, now a judge. wow.
She Is So Impossible
2:54 she is floating an inch against us, she is falling up, and we're never looking down again.
Duct Tape Wallet
1:32 someone stole the panda head from my robot ranger. the black sparrow! the black sparrow!
The Last Eclipse
2:49 featuring Matthieu Parenteau, John Paul Kronser, and Colleen Guertin!
At Least We're Not Alone
3:07 a hospital stay has left me pale, and much too real - i feel severe and depleted, how can i believe in ______? in a drowsy hypnosis there is a nurse with wings, in the whale next to Jonah there is a ghost who sings: at least we're not alone.
Tippy Tommy
4:16 lets leap with diseases, and chew through the barbed fence, to see if they believe us. we'll emulate angels.
A Home Is Not A Hotel
3:36 i thought it impossible you'd go, but now my loves a city bird, and i have wasted all these years.
3:20 beautiful desolation, your truth is stranger than fiction. i was going blind in the waste. shaking hands, you bite down hard. never dismiss how far you've come, and never dip below the horizon. in a carnival full of burnt-hard indians, anger is simmering. work alone.
We Can Overwhelm
4:16 everything you believe, all the bits about you that you thought you would need, are as valuable as a leaf on a tree. why not swim deep? it's the waters beneath you that will help you get clean.
2:58 i was really tired, but i stayed all night. feel the building, burning down around me
Banjo Lament
1:22 i was sitting, staring at the wall and thinking, about leaving this town. i have been drinking, all over this town.
Fend Off Autumn
3:30 i awoke, and i was starving - high off the drug, with some sick impossibility: i gotta find my best friend.
Set Yourself On Fire
4:14 You know what they say/about your life, about the day/take your time/and you'll wind up in the shade/by the time you need it/the only light that you can find/the only fuel worth burning up/is to set yourself on fire.
the Bed-Time Procession
3:15 keep your shoes on - all day.
4:31 a Smashing Pumpkins tune recorded for dinner
We're Just Dropped Here
4:49 i have come to believe love is overblown, so i'm not going home. it's how we're thrown - from the hand of god, like a heavy load we're just dropped and forgotten.
Sunset & Rapture
2:38 all the days of the afflicted are good
Rain - Rain - Rain
4:09 i misjugded. how close i was. to you.
Don't Hang Up On Me
5:40 your broken heart's in full effect/now thats all i've got left
the Words You Meant
3:18 with purpose like an accident, you stumble towards the words you meant, i believed your apology you are elegant and insane charming the ghosts the spectres the president wrapped up in your game - if i could change
An Obvious Sort of Satori
3:29 there is a practice, there is an art, to dismissal. and i have grown into my slow easy brushstrokes. she is an eating machine - cant stop chewing - i want everything

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